Global Supplyis a trading company that has been active on world markets for a long time in thepurchasing and selling of machine-engineering products.

We are a certified companywhosequality control system in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2015guarantees our customers controlled and audited quality of products from a broad portfolio of suppliers.

Our business strategy is based on the requirements of worldwide trends of globalization:

  • To provide global purchasing and selling of value-added products for our business partners
  • To protect customers,through our products delivery service, from business risks within our territories, especially in Asia (failure to deliver products, delivery of bad quality and claims for replacement, political or monetary risks, financing…)
  • An optimized logistics chain in all countries makes it possible for us to also offer our customers deliveries in small amounts that would otherwise be inefficient for them
  • To offer strategic sourcing when looking for production or cooperation on new products, or innovationfor the current level of our business partners’ products
  • To constantly create anefficient chain of suppliers for the purpose of sustaining a competitive offer for business partners
  • To strategically expand the assortment of product offerings

Global Supply is a part of strong global industry group CK Birla together with our sister company KINEX BEARINGS.
KINEX BEARINGS is one of the major suppliers of roller bearings for various segments of industry. Our company distributes bearings throughout the entireworld.